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At Speedy Puppy, you can check your email using mail clients that use POP3 or IMAP, or you can use our Webmail system and check your email through a web browser.

What is a Mail Client?
Also referred to as an "email client" or "email program", this is the program on your computer used to send and receive email. Once you have configured your email program with the correct incoming and outgoing server settings, it will call up the correct servers to retrieve your incoming messages and send your outgoing messages. Some examples are Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, and Pegasus.

What are POP/IMAP/SMTP and Webmail?
POP3: (Post Office Protocol 3) The standard type of mail server used in combination with an email program. When you use POP3 email account, all of your email messages will be stored on the Speedy Puppy servers for you until you retrieve your mail through an email client. Once you have checked (downloaded) your messages, they will no longer be on the server.
IMAP: IMAP was created to allow users to access their mail from several locations. When you are using IMAP, your email client only has a view of the email boxes. The actual email is kept on the server so that you can see it from any computer. This is ideal if you need to check your mail from work and also from home.
SMTP: (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) SMTP protocol is used to send email. Your email client uses either POP3 or IMAP to receive messages, but it uses SMTP to send them.
Webmail: Webmail is an email client, but it's used through a web browser. Like IMAP, it allows you to see your mail from many locations, but with webmail you don't need to set up a mail client. You just bring up a web browser and log in. At Speedy Puppy, our Webmail program is an IMAP client, so all your mail is visible from Webmail exactly as if you were viewing it in your IMAP mail client. You can log into Webmail through the web page at by clicking on User Login.

POP3 and IMAP Email clients traditionally send passwords to the server to log you in using clear text. This creates a security problem, because malicious people can see that password going across the Internet if they care to look.

Speedy Puppy Internet supports SSL encryption for all mail operations. If your client supports SSL, all you need to do is turn it on and your passwords will be protected. SSL operates at a different port from non-SSL mail. In most cases your mail client will be aware of that, and will automatically switch to the proper port. In some cases you may need to tell your email client which port to use. Be sure to check the ports that your email client uses when you turn on SSL. Usually they are shown on the same screen where you turned on SSL in the first place. If you need assistance finding the location for these ports, see the document for your individual mail client below. The traditional SSL ports (and the ones we use at Speedy Puppy) are:

POP3: 995
IMAP: 993
SMTP: 465

In addition, if you use Webmail, your passwords are protected because Speedy Puppy webmail operates using SSL web protocols, as seen by the use of https: instead of http: at the beginning of web addresses.

SMTP Authentication
In order to prevent our servers from being abused by unscrupulous Internet marketers (by relaying spam off of them), Speedy Puppy has instituted several measures. One of these is the use of SMTP Authentication. With SMTP Authentication, email clients cannot send email using our SMTP server unless they log into it with a user name and a password. Modern email clients all have a place to turn on and configure SMTP Authentication. Each email user has a username and password that is the same one they use to check their email using POP3 or IMAP.

Another measure we use is the inclusion of information in the email header. Every message that goes out through Speedy Puppy servers has a header line that states what account was used to send it, and the IP address that it was sent from. So in the event of marketers signing up for an account and simply sending mail through that, we can find out who they are and shut them down.

For the protection of our legitimate customers, Speedy Puppy will not tolerate abuse of the mail system.

Setting up your mail client
To configure your mail client, you need to know your POP3/IMAP and SMTP servers. To find them out, select Mail Info in the Mail Info menu of your control panel. Your email address is your mail account user name. Note that this is the entire address, so, rather than just support. Note that email addresses are not case-sensitive, but passwords are. So be sure to remember which letters are upper-case and which are lower-case in your password.

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